While the novel of "Being There" was a quiet little gem, it's in its cinematic form that the story truly blossoms. With the added dimensions of sight and sound, novelist Jerzy Kosinski is able to give further insight into the Chance character - and into Kosinski's social and political commentaries. His zeal in delivering his fable is evident in all the tiny details he seeks to incorporate. The flashes on TV, the details of the environment, Chance's encounters with even the most minor of characters - none of this is happenstance, but a well orchestrated symphony of events.

The structure of the script is the same as the movie. Director Ashby did edit and tighten a few things as he saw fit. There were times where Kosinski was overzealous in his details and tried to explain things that were best left unexplained. They make for interesting reading here though. The biggest change is the ending where Ashby remixed the words and added the scene of Chance walking on water.

Kosinski had a vision to share with this film. In his personal life he had witnessed the folly and self-absorbed nature of people who led insulated lives. His vision shines through in this script.

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