After having his leg crushed by the limousine of Eve Rand, wife of the rich powerbroker Benjiman Rand, Chance is taken to the Rand estate where the ill Mr. Rand has plenty of medical support. Knowing only his former garden, Chance answers questions posed to him in terms of a garden. Taken as a metaphoric genius, Mr. Rand introduces him to his good friend: the President. The President is also impressed with Chance's "analysis" and quotes him in a speech. This launches Chance to national prominence where he is soon besieged with interview requests and bookings on TV talk shows. Swirling around him are various misconceptions and mysteries about his life. The effect he has on all who are in his orbit is hilarious!

Benjiman Rand explains a point to Chance in the Rand dining room

Chance impressions:

Chance Confusion:

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