These people take credit for Being There

NOTE: While the credits roll at the end of the film, very funny outtakes are shown of Chance trying to relay his "message from Raphael". However, Peter Sellers was furious with director Hal Ashby for including these as he felt it broke the spell of the film. (He was right)

Note courtesy of Darla's Peter Sellers Page

Directed by
Hal Ashby


Chance the Gardener (Chauncy Gardner)
Peter Sellers

Eve Rand
Shirley MacLaine

Benjamin Rand
Melvyn Douglas

President "Bobby"
Jack Warden

Doctor Robert Allenby
Richard A. Dysart

Vladimir Skrapinov
Richard Basehart

Ruth Attaway

Thomas Franklin
David Clennon

Lolo (Boy on corner)
Oteil Burbridge

Johanna (Thomas Franklin's wife or girl friend)
Denise DuBarry

Sally Hayes
Fran Brill

Abbaz (Kid with knife)
Ravenell Keller III

Policeman (by White House)
Brian Corrigan

Old Woman (Asked for Lunch)
Alfredine Brown

David (Chauffeur)
Donald Jacob

Jeffery (Liveryman)
Ernest McClure

Perkins (Butler)
Kenneth Patterson

Wilson (Chance's valet)
Richard Venture

Arthur (Rand's valet)
Arthur Grundy

Lewis (Doorman)
W.C. 'Mutt' Burton

Billings (X-Ray technician)
Henry B. Dawkins

Mrs. Aubrey (Rand's Secretary)
Georgine Hall

Constance (Nurse)
Nell P. Leaman

Teresa (Nurse)
Villa Mae P. Barkley

First Lady
Alice Hirson

Kaufman (Presidential Advisor)
James Noble

Presidential Aides:
Timothy Shaner
William F. Williams
Jim Aar
William Lubin
William Dance

Woltz (Secret Service Agent)
Gerald C. McNabb Jr.

Riff (Secret Service Agent)
Hoyt Clark Harris Jr.

Honeycutt (Agency)
Ned Wilson

Baldwin (Bureau)
Stanley Grover

Paul Marin

Courtney (Financial Editor)
John Harkins

Kinney (News Researcher)
Katherine De Hetre

Lyman Stuart (News publisher in bar with Courtney)
William Larsen

Gary Burns
Jerome Hellman

Morton Hull (Producer of Burns show)
Arthur Rosenberg

Colson TV (TV Makeup man)
Sam Weisman

TV Page (With glass of water)
Fredric Lehne

TV Guest
Gwen Humble

TV Reporter
Laurie Jefferson

Other Reporters
Allen Williams
Janet Meshad
Paul Marin

Melendy Britt

Natasha Skrapinov
Hanna Hertelendy

Karpatov (Russian aide)
Elya Baskin

Ambassador Gaufridi ("Are you proficient in other languages?")
Than Wyenn

Ron Steigler (Book publisher)
Richard McKenzie

Senator Slipshod ("He speaks eight languages")
Sandy Ward

Mrs. Slipshod ("He's very attractive")
Danna Hansen

Dennis Watson (Gay) ("Yes, very")
Mitch Kreindel

Richard Seff
Terrence Currier
Leon Greenberg
Austin Hay
Mark Hammer

Produced by
Andrew Braunsberg

Screenplay by
Jerzy Kosinski

Based upon the novel by
Jerzy Kosinski

Director of Photography
Caleb Deschanel

Don Zimmerman

Production Sound Mixer
Jeff Wexler

Lynn Stalmaster

Johnny Mandel

Associate Producer
Charles B. Mulvehill

Executive Producer
Jack Schwartzman

Costumes designed
by Mary Routh

Production Designer
Michael Haller

Video Research and Selection
of all "On TV" Sequences
[Special kudos to her]
Dianne Schroeder

Production Manager
Charles B. Mulvehill

1st Assistant Director
David S. Hamburger

2nd Assistant Director
Toby Lovallo

Production Office Coordinator
Teresa Stokovic

Kenneth Ryan

Extra Casting
David Welch

Production Assistants
Charles Clapsaddle
Micheal Flowers
Gregory Palmer

Script Supervisor
Edle Bakke

Secretary to the Director
Loretta Lorden

Location Manager
Spencer Quinn

Art Director
James Schoppe

Set Decorator
Robert Benton

Gary Holt

Property Master
Ray Mercer, Jr.

Assistant Property Master
Arthur Shipee, Jr.

Construction Coordinator
Richard Reseigne

Camera Operator
Nick McLean

1st Assistant Cameraman
Craig Denault

2nd Assistant Cameraman
Kenneth Nishino

Rerecording Mixers
Donald O. Mitchell
Rick Kline
Bill Nicholson

Boom Operator (and then some)
Don Coutal

Peter Sellers Makeup
Charles Schram

Peter Sellers Hairstylist
Vivienne Walker

Shirley MacLaine's Makeup
Frank Westmore

Shirley MacLaine's Hairstylist
Edie Panda

Peter Sellers Assistant
Micheal Jeffrey

Men's Wardrobe
Anthony Faso

Women's Wardrobe
Suzanne Grace

Transportation Coordinator
Jerry Molen

Assistant Transportation Coordinator
Michael McDuffee

Video Playback by
Location Video Co.
Louis Mahler
Peter Martinez

Video Engineer
Harry C. Howard

"Gary Burns Show" Video Segment
Directed by
Don Mischer

Unit Publicist
Beverly Walker

Still Photography
Sidney Baldwin

Special Photography
Dianne Schroeder

Assistant Editor
Mark Warner

Apprentice Film Editor
Rebecca Einfeld

Editorial Consultant
Mireille Machu

Supervising Sound Effects Editor
Frank Warner

Sound Effects Editorial Staff
Norval D. Crutcher
Gary S. Gerlich
Samuel C. Crutcher
Victoria Martin

Music Editor
Jim Henrikson

Don Hansard

Titles Designed by
Pablo Ferro

Titles and Opticals
Pacific Title

Color Timer
Ron Lambert

"Sprach Zarathrustra" Arranged and Performed by
Eumir Deodato
Courtesy of CTI Records

Made in Association with CIP-Europaische Treuhand AG, Germany

Producers of this film wish to thank
The Biltmore House and Gardens
Asheville, North Carolina

For their cooperation during location shooting